1. How revolutionary is the technology?

Unavoo is the first sweetener  which is completely sugar-free with no alcoholic sugars. It is made from Stevia and dietary fibres and has zero glycaemic value, bringing significant health benefits and making it safe for diabetics. In independent taste tests, it has been preferred over sugar equivalents.

  • All natural and highly sustainable – Unavoo is based on the natural dietary fiber and stevia. It is a sweetener that has beneficial physical, organoleptic properties and other health beneficial properties as compared to those properties in other commercial sweeteners. These health beneficial properties include potential lowering of sugar level in the blood, healthier digestive process and contribution of a habitat to the good bacteria in the guts (prebiotic).
  • Zero glycemic value – since the components used in the Unavoo Sweetener are well known for tens of years and are considered to be with zero glycemic value. Moreover, studies have shown that the fibers from which we create our sweetener even contributes to reduction of the Glycemic index in of the body.
  • No aftertaste, an important factor for diabetics and for the food industry. Our special carrier, which is the heart of our innovation, creates a synergistic effect of mouth feel which on the one hand feels like sugar and on the other blocks bad attitude: bitterness, long after taste acidity and metallic mouthfeel- which are very common when using Stevia.
  • Gut health friendly – Studies have shown that artificial sweeteners harm the Flora- the layer of bacteria from the stomach, and cause the body to reach label Obesity and diabetes and leprosy. On the other hand, our product is pre-biotic and creates conditions for pro- biotic bacteria that contributes to digestion and stomach health.
  • Decrease demand for calorie use – The Unavoo has a prolonged energy release. It helps to control body weight by providing satiety feeling thus decreasing hunger, which could be an interesting functionality for food producers as it enables food producers to use it in order to manufacture diet functional foods, new sports products such as energy bars, shakes, energy drinks and more.

2. What is unique about it?

Unavoo is the first to use new methodology of sweetening without using any kind of artificial comical, Erythritol or any kind of sugar or alcoholic sugar. In fact, Unavoo is the only sweetener with health benefits and it is the only sweetener which is all natural, water extracted and has no consume limitation as opposed to the other natural sweeteners.

Unavoo is the only 100% natural sweetener which is not laxative or durative- it is prebiotic, gut-friendly and new studied show that it helps to control weight and assist the gut health. Unavoo is based on well-known and highly sustainable raw materials, has no side-effects and thus can be consumed in significant quantities.

3. Is it really all natural?

Unavoo uses only natural ingredients harvested in traditional ways. The ingredients are blended through high-precision blending, which is also a chemical-free process.

Not only that, but the sweetener itself is all-natural in how it is produced. In other stevia-based products, the stevia is extracted in alcohol (ethanol or other chemicals). Unavoo uses only water-extracted and filtered ingredients. It is also highly sustainable (handpicked and water filtered), creating no pollution or environmental harm.

4. What is wrong with the present technologies?

The first generation of sweeteners use artificial and chemicals for the intensive sweetener and all kind of glucose, mostly dextrose, for the carrier
The second generation uses natural intensive sweetener (Stevia) but they use as a filler sugars or alcoholic sugars that have a significant bad aftertaste and it is limited to consume or even to be used as a sweetener for the food industry -it is very laxative and there are differences in the human body tolerance to it.

The following table presents the main ingredients that are used in leading sweeteners available in the market today and their disadvantages:

Ingredient Disadvantages
Erythritol Erythritol (E968) is a naturally occurring alcoholic sugar, which is produced commercially through the fermentation of glucose.

Its consumption must be limited in order to avoid diarrhea;

Unstable low potency sweetness;

Artificial taste.

Dextrose (Glucose) Should be consumed limitedly by diabetics due to its glycemic value;

Unstable low potency sweetness;

E965i (crystalline maltitol);
E965ii (maltitol syrup)
Maltitol is partly absorbed and metabolized as glucose by the body. Its glycemic value is equal to that of sugar.
420i (sorbitol);
E420ii (sorbitol syrup)
Sorbitol is partly absorbed and metabolized as fructose (fruit sugar) by the body. Its glycemic value is equal to that of sugar.
Sucralose Sucralose is an artificial sweetener.

Negatively alters the amount and quality of beneficial microbes in the guts;

Releases toxins;

High glycemic index.

 Stevia (as an additive) Stevia is a natural sugar substitute extracted from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana. Although it’s natural, Stevia suffers some bad attributes: bitterness, long lasting aftertaste and acidity. These attributes force the use of carriers that, until today, consist of chemicals or other sugars such as erythritol.

5. Is it sustainable?

Unavoo uses advanced blending technologies and sustainable natural ingredients, thus enabling a highly resource-efficient and sustainable production of a sugar substitute:

  • Unavoo is an all-natural solution which reduces or eliminates sugars and chemicals from a wide range of food products. This is a benefit for the human health but also for the environment.
  • Unavoo as well as its production process does not involve the use of any chemicals. The natural Dietary fiber is hand-picked. Increased use of this ingredient will provide increased employment and wages.  The stevia is completely natural. The blending process is highly accurate but does not require chemicals. Unavoo therefore removes the need for chemical production of sugar-derivatives as basis for sweetener as a food ingredient.
  • Unavoo is a high-intensity sweetener, which reduces the need for sugars in products by 90%-100%. This means that much less material needs to be shipped leading to significant reductions in logistical costs as well as to environmental benefits such as reduction of CO2.

 6. In what forms the sweetener can be used?

Our Unavoo sweetener comes in both granulated powder and liquid

8. What products is it relevant to?

Unavoo sweetener is applicable to many different products:

  • Pastries
  • Ice creams
  • Vitamins industries
  • Chocolate products
  • Spreads
    • Different jams (Roseberry, Apricot, Blueberry, etc.)
    • Chocolate spread (Nutella like)
    • Peanut butter spread (Skippy like)
  • Ketchup
  • Juices & flavoured water
  • Dairy products: Yogurt, milk, cheese etc.
  • Raw material
  • And much more….

9. What will the food producers benefit from using Unavoo?

Unavoo is confident that food producers will take up its solution as Unavoo provides key benefits for the producers and their clients such as:

  • Non-chemical all-natural sugar substitute that is relatively easy to integrate into food products.
  • Pre-biotic, non-cariogenic and has no adverse effects such as obesity, glucose intolerance or alteration of the gut microbiota which are the current drivers of regulators and consumers in their demand to lower sugar quantities in food products.
  • Can be consumed unlimitedly.
  • Based on GRAS (generally recognized as safe) approved ingredients only.
  • The use of Unavoo does not change viscosity, density and acidity due to its highly stable attributes
  • Clean label: Unavoo is labeled: all natural dietary fiber, water extracted stevia (Reb A)

10. What is the IP status?

Unavoo is paying close attention to protecting its intellectual property (IP). To date, one patent protecting the technology has been issued in Israel and a PCT is pending in the US (filed on September 2014).We expect to file other provisional and patents during the R&D processes.

11. Is it expensive?

No, considering the potency of Unavoo against sugar it is very inexpensive. In relation to its sweetening power, and the fact that it reduces the amounts of sugar is within reach. Reducing sugar must be filled with the materials of the original product which can be more or less expensive depending on the product.

12. How clean is the label?

It is the cleanest in the sweetener world – all our products are water extracted, there is no chemical involvement and the process of creating the sweetener is Water filtered and water extract. As opposed to Most of the products involved and use Ethanol in their manufacture, which is a cheap alcohol substance.

Unavoo is labeled: all natural dietary fiber, water extracted stevia (Reb A).

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